The Youth of Yesterday-The Old Man of Tomorrow

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The Youth of Yesterday-The Old Man of Tomorrow Empty The Youth of Yesterday-The Old Man of Tomorrow

Post  mohammed on Tue Nov 25, 2008 4:39 am

This poem is dediacted selectively to Sivan and Shina Neutral
**plz notice that it is not me who wrote this poem..i just forget the name of the poet
The Youth of Yesterday - The Old Man of Tomorrow
Once, an old man asked me….
What is our purpose on this planet?
He thought that I'm unable to see
But I asked him to let me think in it..
As I thought on how best to answer him…
the stars in the heavens and the moon grew dim.
Yet, I could still faintly see the Old Man's face;
so full of love and compassion, for the human race
and so - I answered him.
“ In this hostile world of ours, Peace is just a word.
Often spoken of, .but never really heard.
This is a world where Ultimate Power is the aim of one and all
A world where nations rise, and just as swiftly fall.
A world where Strength and Winning is the name of the game
and with that comes Power, Glory and Fame
Where the loser, loses hope, loses faith. loses face -
Yet where the only real loser -is the human race.”
It is a world where to lose is wrong. and to win is always right.
If one is to be the strongest, one always has to fight.
No wonder its people find it so hard to unite.”
It is a world where religion, has caused many tragic wars
where brother will fight brother in the name of the cause
where Life and Death are decided behind closed doors
Where Peace -is just another word for a conflict pause
A world where each religion insists that God is on their side.
If so, what happened to the millions of people that died
Does any one really know -.can anyone ever tell…
Where did they go to, is there really; a Heaven or Hell?”
The Arabs, the Israelis, Ireland, North and South.
A gun in the hand and a prayer on the mouth.
Bombing - .Murdering - …Devastation -
And we call ourselves a peace loving nation?”
My purpose on Earth, is. .to me, so very clear
Yet -…a rather impossible dream I fear.…
But I will speak, and I will pray, that some will eventually hear
my words.”
My aim is to bring unity, between class and creed..
in my actions - in my words - and in my every deed.
I will write, in the hope, that others may read.
To show people that Life really could be worth living…
if we were more caring; more loving and much more forgiving.
If we accepted that in life, we are not all the same.
Then - Peace could be more, than just a name.
Why should we care about the colour of a mans skin?
Surely what’s more important is the soul that lies within?
What is so different between a Muslim and a Jew…
they both worship One God… most religions do?
What is so different about the way we offer our prayers?
be it kneeling on mats. .or sitting on chairs.
What difference if we worship in a synagogue
in a Mosque in our homes or in a Church?
If it is for the same purpose we pray and search….
for Peace on Earth; and Goodwill to all Mankind.
Or… true Religion…just a state of mind?
We are all Gods children -or so the Bible tells
So what is that lights the fuse, what is it that impels
men to kill and to maim, in the name of the Lord ?
By bombing, by missile by the gun or by the sword.
Is it Power, or Jealousy…or just plain Greed….
Wanting something from life; that we dont really need?
As I paused to consider on what else I had to say;
I looked up at the Old Man…- but he quickly looked away.
Yet not before I had seen, the tears in his eyes…
tears that he tried, but could not disguise
tears for the failure, of Gods Universal plan.
tears of blood, shed - for the stupidity of Man.
As I looked down, at the Earth far below…
an anger within me began to grow
So, I continued by saying-…I know…
that the task I have set myself is daunting indeed.
But someone has to start so that others may lead.
My greatest hope is - that I will one day, succeed.”
As I finished speaking, the light returned
and now I could clearly see, the Old Man's face;
but as I did so, my heart began to quicken
and my pulse began to race!
For it was then that I began to realize
With a sense of determination and sorrow -
that I was that Youth of Yesterday
and - …the Old Man of Tomorrow.!!!

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